How long does it take to do a makeup application and hair style?

Depending on the desired hair style, desired makeup style, hair density, length, texture, it could take up to 45 minutes to 1 hour per service ( hair OR makeup).

What types of product do you use?

We use professional quality products such as MAC, Urban Decay, Graftobian, RCMA, and Makeup Forever and more. We use a wide range of formulas suited to everyone''s skin type and texture.

How long will the makeup last, and what if I sweat or cry?

All of the makeup we use is water-resistant and long-lasting. It will hold up through humid weather, crying, and sweating. It does not prevent oil secretion, so for those who tend to produce excess oil may find it necessary to use blot paper to absorb any additional oil throughout the day. Any oil from foods, such as dressings, may breakdown even long-wearing lipsticks so additional touch-ups could be necessary.

Do you have experience with acne, mature or sensitive skin?

Yes! We have a full range of professional skin care products that we use to prepare the skin for makeup application to achieve the very best results. For acneic skin, redness can be concealed, however, texture cannot be completely concealed. We will hydrate the area to reduce dryness and use the proper products and techniques to reduce the visibility.

Is airbrush suitable for my skin?

We use a silicone airbrush formula which is suitable for most skin types. Those with excessively oily skin, large pores or excessive facial 'peach-fuzz' will not love the final result. Airbrush can accentuate these features and may slide around on excessively oily skin. Airbrush is great for a sheer to medium coverage and anything more than that can look cakey and unnatural. The technology in traditional foundation has come along way over the years and can provide a beautiful finish that can be easily tailored to specific skin types and textures with the same longevity and results as airbrush.

Can I just have you apply eye makeup only?

We provide full service applications only instead of partial services such as foundation application only or eyes only. This allows your entire makeup to be complete and cohesive with the overall look that you envisioned for your special day. By providing full makeup services, this ensures that you and your bridal party's makeup looks its best!

Do you offer tattoo cover-ups?

We do! We use an alcohol-based airbrushed formula that allows for sweat-proof, waterproof, transfer-resistant full coverage for up to 16 hours. Please inquire for more information.