When should I book my trial run?

We highly recommend scheduling your trail run 1-3 months before your wedding day. For destination brides, we are flexible in scheduling your trial run based on your travel schedule, even if that means you can only schedule it 6 months out. Styles and trends can change in 6 months and the style of your dress are important when choosing your desired hair and makeup style. Please keep that in mind if you have not chosen your perfect dress or preferred hair/makeup style 3 months before your wedding. Trial runs are scheduled during the week, Monday-Thursday between 9AM-3PM, during peak wedding season.

Where do you conduct your trial runs?

Trial runs can be conducted inside An Salon in Whitefish or at your location. For locations in Whitefish, north Kalispell and west Columbia Falls, there are no travel fees for trial runs. Locations outside of these areas will be assessed with the same wedding day travel costs.

I'm not sure I want a trial run, do I need one?

We highly recommend a trial run although do not require one. If you are unsure about what look you are going for or are torn between a couple different styles, this is an important opportunity for you to try it on so you can see what feels most comfortable and beautiful to you!

Should you decide you would like to book a trial run, these are paid for in addition to the wedding-day services and are paid at the time of the trial run consultation.

How long does a trial run take?

Trial runs can take up to 1.5-2.5 hours depending on the amount of services. This is the time to discuss any inspirational pictures that you love (or even do not love!), placement of veil and/or hair accessories (if applicable) and the opportunity to make any adjustments. We will take photos of the final look to keep as a reference to use on your wedding day

Can I wait to book my wedding date until I have a trial run first?

Yes! We want you to be completely comfortable when booking with us! Please keep in mind that a scheduled trial run does not hold your wedding date. Any inquiries for the same date that we receive in the meantime will be given the same opportunity to book.

I'm not sure what makeup look I would like on my special day. Can you help?

Of course! We always work with each client to ensure they look their best. During your trial run, we will ask a variety of questions to get as much insight on your wants and needs to determine what makes you feel the most comfortable. If you are unsure about makeup, we will use pictures as guides to decide a look we like AND do not like so we can customize a look that enhances your best features and plays down the areas you may feel less comfortable with. We want you to be able to still see yourself and feel like yourself when we finish. If you are interested in a complete transformation, we can discuss and do that, too!

Can I send you photos of inspirational looks?

Yes! We highly recommend pictures as they are a great jumping off point for conceptualizing your vision without having to find the "right" verbiage for explaining your styling desires. You can visit Ty Nykole's Instagram page or Facebook page, as well as check out this Pinterest board to see various hair and makeup looks from various stylists. Feel free to email a couple of hair styles and/or makeup looks that you love. We will keep these on file to discuss at your trial run.