What it is:

A lightweight, kick ass dual phase facial oil that is not only lubricating but hydrating. Great for all skin tones. Yes, even you, oily skin.


What it does: 
Think of it as lube for your face (yes, we went there). 
Your skin needs hydration (water) and lubrication (oils) to be balanced and have a healthy glow. Water Oil marries oil and water together to create the most amazing facial oil you will have ever put on your face.


What’s in it for you? 
When your skin just looks like you’ve made a lifetime of bad decisions and your skin looks tight and wrinkled, Water Oil will slap your face with a slippery good time. Your makeup will lay better, your skin will feel better and you can lie about your age (and people will actually believe you.)

Why you would use it:
When your face feels tight and no amount of moisturizer helps, Water Oil is the perfect supplement to Water Balm Skin Prep. You may even want to use it in your foundations to add a bit of extra emollience to get that glow that will blind your enemies.


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  • How You Use: 
    Add 1 pump to your palms and press together.
    Press Water Oil into your skin.

    Things You Need to Know:
    Water Oil is a dual phase oil that will blow your mind. Not only is it fragrance free, it's the perfect amount of hydration and lubrication that makes you feel like you have a normal face.

    When To Use:
    For dry & combination skin: 
    Use AM & PM
    For Oily Skin: 
    Use PM before bed.

    How often to Use: